Solar Panel Proofing UK Wide 

50% reduction in our professional solar panel cleaning service 

Solar panel cleaning offer: 
As a thank you, for all orders taken in December, we will clean your solar panels at 50% off of our full rate. 
All solar panels and solar arrays are clean with: 
Water fed pole 
Pure water delivery system  
Specialist solar panel brushes 
100% R/O and deionised pure filtered water 
Solar panels should only be clean with pure water and a specialist solar brush. 

Are pigeons roosting and nesting beneath your solar panels? 

Get rid of pigeons

Getting rid of pigeon under solar panels 

We fully understand what a nuisance pigeons are when roosting and nesting under your solar panels, we will remove your pigeon problem and prevent the early morning wake up calls. 
By installing a barrier of mesh around the perimeter of the solar array we prevent the pigeons from entering, without the shelter of the solar panels the pigeons will have no choice but to leave your roof in search of a new area to roost. We source the highest quality materials from Europe where the steel is of a higher grade than the cheaper Chinese steel being sold in the UK, all the parts of our proofing system have been Hot-Dip Galvanised to prevent the steel from corroding giving longevity to your install. 
ApcUK Services will remove your pigeon problem and prevent the early morning wake up call. For more information on solar panel pigeon proofing head over to the Pigeon Page 
Are Jackdaws going under your solar panels? 
Jackdaws solar array

Getting rid of Jackdaws 

Although not as common as pigeons nesting under solar panels, jackdaws, due to their nesting habits, actually present a bigger problem for your solar array. Jackdaws fill the underside of the panels up with twigs, sticks and lining material. And the effects can be catastrophic. 
The nesting materials create hot spots on the panel causing the cells to overheat and potentially burn out. 
Not only does this damage the system, it also reduces the panel’s efficiency. 
For more information on solar panel Jackdaw proofing go to the Jackdaw Page 
Jackdaws nest under solar panels

Do you have a Squirrels drey under your solar panels? 

Squirrels under solar panels

Getting rid of Squirrels 

A squirrel’s nest (known as a drey) under solar panels can be disastrous. To prevent their incisors over growing, squirrels habitually gnaw. And if they’re squatting beneath your panels, they will quite happily gnaw their way through the array’s components. It’s not been uncommon for us to find bite marks on plastic end caps for example. 
Over the years, we’ve attended a lot of properties where the squirrels have chewed through the electrical cables beneath the arrays causing the panels to stop generating electricity and leaving the owner with a costly repair bill. 
Protect your property by installing our squirrel mesh around the array. It will not only keep them out but will also prevent costly repair bills. 
For more information on solar panel Squirrel solar proofing go to the Squirrel Page 
Squirrel damage solar panels

The ApcUK Solar Panel Proofing Process 

Step 1: Bird droppings and debris are first disinfected and placed into two doubled up polythene heavy duty bags. 
Step 2: The bags are sealed, removed and disposed of. 
Step 3: The gutter is thoroughly cleaned. 
Under Solar Panels: 
Pigeons, jackdaws and squirrels together with nests or dreys are removed.. 
Proofing to stop pigeons going under the array: 
ApcUK have developed a specific solar panel bird and squirrel exclusion system. Here’s how it works: 
Step 1: Galvanised steel clips are installed onto every outer panel within the array. 
Step 2: Galvanised welded wire mesh is then cut on site to the correct height. 
Step 3: Galvanised steel restraints are used to attach the mesh to the clips creating a physical barrier to stop the pigeons, jackdaws or squirrels going back under the panels. 

Solar panel maintenance and servicing 

All our bird and squirrel proofing systems can be removed for any maintenance or servicing that may be required to your solar array. 
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"No cooing, no pecking, no scrabbling on the roof in the morning and NO wet pigeon mess to greet us as we step out the front door! Having had solar panels fitted to our roof, one thing we hadn't’t expected was an influx of pigeons. The infestation was so bad, it was driving my wife and I crazy. Daniel and the crew, thank you for sorting the problem for us. Every day that I drive up to our house and see the roof totally clear of pigeons, I say a silent thank you to you. If I come across anyone in the same predicament, I’ll point them in your direction. Great job." 
Best Regards Cliff and Maureen 
Turnpike Drive, Luton, Bedfordshire 

Solar Panel Cleaning 

ApcUK offer a professional clean using 100% pure water with a reach and wash system. 
For more information on cleaning solar panels see our page on Solar Panel Cleaning
Whilst we are at your home bird or squirrel proofing your solar panels, we can also clean your solar array using our pure water wash and reach system. Just ask about the cleaning package when you call. 

If you would like to know more about our Solar Panel services, please call us on 020 8226 6198 or alternatively Click Here to complete our short contact form. 

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