PV Cell Pigeon Problems 

PV cell pigeon problems

Do your customers have pigeons under their PV cells? 

Pigeons nesting under solar panels has become a country wide problem and it's not one that is going to go away. 
We are now being called out only weeks after a solar array has been installed. 
It seems pigeons have really switched on to the shelter and protection that is offered by nesting under the cells. 
ApcUK Services are working with the industry to proof arrays at the time of installation across the UK. 
By offering this service to your clients, not only are you being proactive but at the same time dramatically reducing the number of complaints you will receive once the pigeons move in and start nesting. 
PV Cell contractor for PV cell pigeon proofing 
Fixed Priced Solar Panel Proofing* 
ApcUK Services can offer you a fixed pricing deal on all PV solar arrays pigeon proofed. 
Fixed price proofing means you can cost the works into each install, and is more cost effective then retro proofing the array. 
Additional Revenue Stream 
Proofing the array can be offered as an optional extra at the time of signing up the customer. 
Not only is this a great additional revenue stream, you only have to make one call to ApcUK and we will do the rest. 
PV cell pigeon proofing
Pigeons nesting under PV cells after just 2 weeks 
The pictures used on this page were from a job we carried out just 2 weeks after the solar arrays had been installed, as you can see the scaffolding is still in place from the install. 

Installation of the pigeon barrier 

Galvanised steel clips 
Galvanised Steel weld wire mesh 6.5 x 6.5mm hole size 
Galvanised Steel joining wire  
100% guaranteed to prevent pigeon access 
6 Year Guarantee on installation 
Pigeon nest under solar panels
Solar panel piegon protection
Pieon protection solar panels
PV Cell Protection 020 8226 6198 
Clients concerned about pigeon problems? 
Are you concerned about issues with pigeons post install? 
Call ApcUK today to arrange an appointment. 
"No cooing, no pecking, no scrabbling on the roof in the morning and NO wet pigeon mess to greet us as we step out the front door! Having had solar panels fitted to our roof, one thing we hadn’t expected was an influx of pigeons. The infestation was so bad, it was driving my wife and I crazy. Daniel and the crew, thank you for sorting the problem for us. Every day that I drive up to our house and see the roof totally clear of pigeons, I say a silent thank you to you. If I come across anyone in the same predicament, I’ll point them in your direction. Great job." 
Best Regards Cliff and Maureen 
Turnpike Drive, Luton, Bedfordshire 
* fixed priced proofing is for works carried out at the time of installation, with scaffold and edge protection. 
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